Making Tennis Accessible to ALL

Outreach ProgramThe first official Sarah Vande Berg Tennis Foundation outreach program launched in June, 2019. The program included free tennis lessons for children ages 5 to 10 years old every Saturday for a period of ten weeks. We are partnering with Elementary and Middle Schools in Zephyrhills to offer FREE after-school programs for all interested students.


More than simple tennis lessons

We are creating a community of young athletes who work together to become better tennis players on court and more responsible citizens off court. Our curriculum uses The SVB Tennis Foundation Five Pillars for Success: 1. Education first 2. Character as a foundation 3. Community of common interests, 4. Positive role models and mentors, and 5. Physical well-being. Through structured lessons and play in a positive, supervised setting, The Sarah Vande Berg Tennis Foundation provides programming that prepares children for life.


Our programs serve children of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds, including many low-income, minority youth who have limited access to organized sports.  For some of our kids, tennis proves to be an important avenue for success and growth in self-esteem. You can help us reach more students and have a greater impact by donating today.




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