1. Share our project around you

Spreading our message and reaching a broader audience is very critical to helping us accomplish our goals.
You can help by sharing us with your family, friends, and colleagues. An easy way is by going on Facebook and sharing our Facebook page with your friends.
We always appreciate any extra publicity.

2. Sponsor a banner

For $1,000 your company’s banner will be displayed year round at one of the court in the SVB Tennis Center

For $2,500 your company’s banner will be displayed at three of our the court in the SVB Tennis Center for an entire year.

3. Sponsor a Tennis Court

This is a rare opportunity to have a tennis court in Zephyrhills named in your honor. For a donation of $15,000, you will support our cause while receiving:

Your name or company prominently displayed on a court for ten years.

Recognition in our sponsorship booklet and website.

4. Contribute with an item or a service

Many of our most important contributors over the years have never given us money, but rather items or services that their company provides. Examples are:

Tennis clothing and equipment

Items for our Auctions

Event Services (food, water, tables, etc…)

Educational Items (computers, books, etc…)

Athletic Items (treadmill, weights, etc…)

Entertainment Items (televisions, DVDs, etc…)

Positive Social Life Items (show tickets, event invitations, etc…)

If you believe you or your company has items that could benefit us, or if your company provides services which could help us, please let us know!

5.Give with United Way

You will soon be able to help the foundation through United Way.

We are in process to make this possible as soon as possible.

You can sign in here to our newsletter to be notified when this is available.

United way

6. Something we have not thought of

We love creativity and are always willing to hear new ideas. So if you want to support us in a way not listed above. Please let us know by filling in the form to the right. Some of our best supporters over the years have helped us by donating things we never even thought of.