First Tennis program scheduled

After the first fundraising last october, the foundation takes it to the next level launching the first Outreach Program in June 2019. This will probably be the first of many, but the date of the first outreach program has now been determined. It will be launched the 2 June 2019.

Our first Outreach program will be available for kids between 5 and 10 years old. We will start with a group between 25 to 50 kids allocated among three different age groups. “Hopefully this number will grow but this is a good start” says Pascal Collard, Founder of the foundation.

The program will be supervised by Karl Hinkle, Program Director with a long experience in coaching and he already demonstrated his skills in similar projects for the community of Zephyrhills. He will be assisted by Molly Schwartz who has also a long experience in the tennis world.


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